Published Literary Works

— “Milk, Bread, Eggs“, Vitality Magazine, November 2015 – superhero fiction story wherein a “villain” runs into a superhero during off-hours in the grocery store.
— “Inconsolable“, The Good Men Project, December 2015 – a short fiction about the meaning of loss and relationships, bring a tissue.
— Tuesday Twitter Tales, short stories released one tweet at a time on Tuesdays.
— When You’re a Bird in a World Made for Fishesthe Mighty, September 2016 – an essay on how the autistic experience differs from the neurotypical experience.  Picking up from the Normality Factor blog.
— The Black Dog: Living with Someone Else’s Depressionthe Good Men Project, December 2016 – on the difficulties of living with someone in denial about clinical depression.

November 8, 2017

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