The 10th Man Report – Reputation Safeguarding

An ounce of prevention, as they say, is worth a pound of cure.  That goes double for your online reputation.

A 10th Man Report is a last-minute check on your marketing or social media campaign.  It is specifically focused on making sure that you do not commit a horrible public gaffe.

When you publish anything in print or online, your reputation is on the line.  How you think you’re presenting yourself is not always in the same light as what your audience is going to see.  The 10th Man Report examines multiple aspects of your campaign, ideally before it launches.  Our fresh set of eyes will find the weakness in your content.


It’s more than making sure your Ts are dotted and your Is are crossed.  It’s also looking at the flow of your content and making sure that you don’t even up with a “Don’t Dead – Open Inside” type of design feature.  While that may be great for longevity in some cases, that’s not the type of memory you really want to build.

More than that, content isn’t king without context.  We’ll make sure that your message is on point and addresses the relevant needs for your campaign.

Reputation Assessment and Strategy

Is this going to improve your social standing?  Are you going to come across as a jerk?  How are people going to respond to your campaign?  This part of the service focuses on how to respond to the most likely reactions to your posts.  If you’re deliberately meaning to be “disruptive”, it’s vitally important to have a full strategy in place to deal with that disruption.

Social Sensitivity Rating

Is your campaign going to offend someone?  Remember that ill-conceived 9/11 mattress sale?  They had to shut down entirely because no one thought to point out just how incredibly insensitive that was to so many different groups.  And then there was the RadioShack commercial, “the Talk“, which alluded to teenagers doing… teenager things.  The Christian Right took enormous exception to that and effectively shut down all social media channels and inundated their public relations department for days.  That’s not even counting the ideas that we shut down in committee…

Let’s avoid that, shall we?  Especially if you’re planning a disruptive marketing strategy, let us take a look at it first to make sure that you’re going to be disrupting the right audience.

The Report

You’ll receive an edited copy of your written content, a report, and a consultation.  We will assess the full range of potential impact for your campaign.  Recommendations are based on our research into your industry, primary audience, and peripheral audience, including citations and references to support our conclusions.


The scope and term of the project is taking into consideration when establishing an estimate.  An hourly rate of $45 is used for calculations, and a minimum duration of eight hours is assumed.  Other considerations will come into play for your final estimate, which may not reflect your final invoice.

What’s a “10th Man”?

This is a shameless reference to a very popular book, “World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War” by Max Brooks.  In it, there is a (mostly) fictitious policy utilized by the Israeli government that says if nine of the security council members believe an alleged threat to be too preposterous or ridiculous to consider, it is the responsibility of the tenth member to take that threat seriously.  This policy was based on the World War II stance of “no one could be that crazy” when faced with tales of the Nazi-led Holocaust.

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