Web Hosting, Design, and Administration

The cornerstone of a great online presence is producing fantastic non-sales-related content.  This is much more than just sharing or reposting other people’s content to your Facebook page.  Having solid fundamental information on your website that supports your position as an authority in your field is crucial.

Web hosting

If you do not currently have a website, it just so happens that we’ve partnered with DreamHost to provide hosting for you.  We can either arrange for you to have your own DreamHost account or you can get nested into our services – it’s entirely dependent on how comfortable you are with your own internet tech knowledge.  Either way, we’ll make sure that your website is running smoothly.  We’ll maintain your installations, manage the emails attached to your domain, and monitor the health and security of your site.  Need more than one domain?  We can do that, too.


While we could hand-code a site for you from scratch, there are far better ways to keep the bright shining light of your online presence going.  We highly advocate the use of WordPress for any type of site (brochure, project, or e-commerce), and we have a whole range of plugins that we use to keep your site running smoothly.  We can help you choose from thousands of themes and customize them however you like to make your online presence purely your own.

WordPress is more than just a blog (though we definitely advocate using it for that as well!), it is a full content management system.  Our expertise and experience will help you leverage this system to be a powerful foundation to your entire online presence.


We don’t believe that anyone’s time is well spent reinventing the wheel, so we will select a range of existing themes for you to choose from.  Any of them can and will be modified and customized for your specific services and brand, and then we’ll maintain that theme so it stays up to date.  That includes making sure that your versions are current, your contact information is correct, and that your campaigns and promotions are always up to date.