Content, Communications, and Contests

What if you already have a website built, a social media manager in place, but you’re still not getting the responses that you need?  We are inbound marketing experts as well as general all-around communication nerds.  Let us audit your current materials and see how we can help you.

Content creation

The fanciest website in the world won’t matter a hill of beans if you don’t have stellar content that is SEO-savvy to bring in the traffic.  Your content has to be well-written, thoughtful, educated, and easy to read – and it has to be there consistently.  We’ll put together a content strategy with you that covers blogs, special social media posts, and any other kind of public-facing word-smithing you might need to get your company noticed in all the right ways.

Automated emails

We love the ease of automated emails and newsletters, but if your content is boring or your message stale, you’re just ending up in the junk folder.  We’ll take a look at all of your external communications – sales letters, member check-ins, follow-ups, reminders, etc. – and massage them out so that you get the biggest bang for your buck.  We’ll use high-impact methods to pack your messages with as much engaging content as possible.  One-off audits with overhauls can be ordered, or we can contract to take care of your monthly newsletters.  We work with just about any email management program you want to use (ConstantContact, Mandrill, etc.)

Support documentation

If your business relies in any way on your customers’ or clients’ interaction, you probably need some kind of support documentation to help them through the process.  Easy-to-read how-to documents, descriptions of services, and step-by-step instructions with images are all squarely in our wheelhouse.  We test your processes, understand it fundamentally, and then re-test with street-level feedback to make sure that your customers are getting exactly the kind of support they need.

Contests and promotions

This is where things really get fun!  A fantastic way to garner a lot of attention and traffic is to periodically run promotions and contests – and the more interactive they are, the more engagement you’ll get!  We can help you run a number of different kinds of promotions (including making sure that your legalese is solid) from product give-aways to “tell your favorite story” to complex puzzles.  Our dream promotion would be a city-wide puzzle-centric goose chase leading a bevvy of customers right to your door for a big event!

All contests and promotions run for a limited period of time.  The strategies, channels, and goals are determined ahead of time (though obviously the winners are not), performance is measured on a daily or weekly basis (depending on how long the promotion runs), and we’ll sit down to go over the post-mortem about a week after the event wraps up.