Social Media Management

Businesses cannot afford to be without a solid social media presence, but it’s not just about having a Facebook page or sending a tweet once in a blue moon.  We’re here to help you build the right channels that are relevant to your business and keep them populated.

Setting up your channels

Even if you already have some social media accounts set up, our full audit of your online presence will let us know what kind of work still needs to be done.  Each channel has a different audience and a different voice that needs to be used for maximum engagement.  We’ll help you pick the right ones for your company, decide on the cadence, and outline the content that goes there.

Because we also believe in full disclosure and a transparent process, you will always have access to your logins and passwords.  You will be sent a secure file with your current logins regularly, especially if your passwords or logins are refreshed.  (Since we also believe in keeping your accounts secure, this will happen with some regularity.)

Creating your content

Once we know what channels and types of content we want and how often, we’ll set up your first round of posts.  Because we are big believers in the power of inbound marketing and SEO, your social media services will provide at least one long-form piece of content per month (posted to your channel of choice – blogs are ideal), a set of images branded to your company, and your various social media posts.  These will be scheduled ahead of time through our Hootsuite platform (or your own CMS if you opted to provide your own), but nothing will launch until we have a solid month of materials prepared and ready to go.

You always have the final say in what goes live and what doesn’t.  Make sure to set a little bit of time aside for our regular meetings so that you can sign off on the final approvals.  If you don’t actively approve the content, it doesn’t go live, and your channel could end up going dark (which is to say, have a lapse of regular content).

Tracking your performance

Either weekly or monthly, depending on your contract and the types of events we’re running for you, you’ll receive a report documenting your contents’ performance.  We’ll look at the specific key performance indicators (KPIs) that we defined when we first decided on each campaign, discuss our findings at these, examine any A/B testing we might be doing, and then determine whether or not to adjust our course.

While we’re the ones doing the heavy lifting for your social media campaigns, this is still your company and your online presence.  You can maintain as much or as little oversight as you want, but make sure to set aside at least a little time for each report.  We want to know that you’re happy with your results, always.