Services and Pricing

What you really want to know is, what exactly do we offer and how much does it cost?

Social Media Management

Our ideal client is the small to medium business who has a need for a dedicated social media person – but not necessarily full time.  We have a range of options that get you a set number of hours, messages, or pieces of content per month, depending on where we are in your business cycle and what your needs are.  Social media campaigns all come with a clear KPI tracking report on a weekly or monthly basis.

Content Creation

Content is king, no matter which channels you’re using.  If you have a content calendar that needs a little extra padding here and there, or you just don’t quite have the bandwidth to keep up with your posting cadence, we can help.  Fantastic graphics, well-researched blog posts, and social media campaigns all fall under that umbrella.  Pricing is determined by piece or by contract.

Social Media Strategy and Training

Let’s say you already have some people you’ve hired to do this “social media thing”, but you’re a little confounded on what you want to say and how to convert your messages into measurable ROI.  We’ll sit down and map out some strategies with your team, discuss the ways in which you’ll be creating your content, design a custom method for tracking the KPI (key performance indicators) that are relevant exclusively to your business, and then outline your best practices for responding to your growing community.  This is usually a short-term contract, negotiated according to your needs, for a

Crisis Management

Social media is unique from all previous forms of marketing because it is a persistent two-way street:  You speak and then your audience speaks back.  It’s brilliant, but it can be intimidating and scary if you’re not sure what else to say – especially when the feedback isn’t glowing praise.  This service includes responding to feedback on social media channels as well as to reviews and third-party posts (complaints or reports posted on non-review sites).  And, yes, that includes contesting false reviews, if necessary.

Internal and External Communications

In addition to being downright clever social media experts, we also design communication documents of greater length for both internal and external users.  Need some employee handbooks that people will actually read?  Want a document to show your customers how to care for their new product?  Need to completely re-write all of your automated emails?  We’ve got you covered.  Most documents can included either customized or purchased stock imagery, your choice as appropriate to the channel.

And the winning number is…

… unfortunately, impossible to quote like a menu, but we can give you a rough estimate.

— Contracted rate for more than 60 hours per month:  $25.00 – The average contract term is three months with reviews prior to renewals.  Your service agreement will spell out specifically what services will be provided over what period of time.  When you need brand reassignment, intensive overhauling, and a lot of support for events, this is the level you should expect to pay.

— Contracted rate for 20 to 40 hours per month: $35.00 – Again, the usual contract term is three months and does not automatically renew.  Each quarter, a thorough review and assessment is completed to determine the next phase of your project.  This is a “maintenance” level, where you’ve already established your channels and only need someone to populate and monitor them.

Non-contract hourly rate:  $45.00 – We are able to provide “drop-in” service at this rate.  There is no contract involved.  All hours are invoiced based on a rough estimate and a deposit is required for work to begin on your project, usually 25% to 50% of the total estimate, depending on the size of the project.

Stand-alone strategy and training: $1500 – Based on the expectation of about 30 hours of work to meet with your stakeholders, create the strategy, and train your staff to carry out the plan as described.

— Stand-alone crisis management event: $500 – This is assuming greater than ten hours of work to isolate, examine, and map the course of action, plus monitoring and response after the fact.  Ongoing gaffes may incur higher fees, smaller events less.

— Average per-content cost: $45 – Some pieces of content are less (tweets, for example) and some might be more (your next customer-facing how-to), but for social media campaigns, they are priced as a set.  One-off blogs or research papers are estimated at the hourly rate, minimum two hours.

And that’s the best thumbnail guesstimate we can give you right now.  Send us a message to find out more about availability and pricing.