About Swift Mugsy

What makes a Mugsy so Swift?

Swift Musgy is, in fact, an acronym for all the wonderful things we do:

Social media management
WordPress management

Undiscovered territories (or Unbelievably adorable)
Google Power Using
Site and Security Management

We aim to be a cornerstone of your social media and online presence.  We can help you with everything from content creation to social media strategy to online reputation management and more.  When we run across that rare beast that we don’t take care of in-house, we have a robust network of proven and reliable professionals to get the little end bits done.

In another sense, Swift Mugsy represents exactly what we offer to you:  getting your face and brand out there in a quick and exciting manner, making sure that you get the absolute best return on your investment.  Some elements of your social media plan may take time to come to fruition such as SEO campaigns (all page ranking happens at the speed of Google), but others can be seen within a few days or weeks, such as a really effective incentive program.

Ready to talk more about it?  Send us a message and let’s see what we can do for you.