Alchemias Art

Much like Swift Mugsy, Alchemias is another side-project that was born of community demand. Costume pieces, metalwork, and various little bits of art inspired multiple informal commissions. Ultimately, that lead to the creation of the online boutique shop. Alchemias Art creates all items in house.

Product Imagery

As any Etsy shop will tell you, product display matters. We used a specialized lighting box to bring out the best versions of the small products, and created a larger multi-point lighting protocol for the jewelry. Edits were done with Adobe Photoshop and with GIMP.

Printed Marketing Materials

In addition to the usual webdesign and social media pieces, we used our relationship with to design and print unique, high-quality business cards. We also produced a number of package labels and event-specific labels and placards.

Website Design

Swift Mugsy hosts the website through their vendor, Dreamhost. Alchemias’ design is ever-changing and complex, and it serves primarily as an occasional blog while the inventory control aspects are handled with the Etsy platform. The Alchemias site embeds the Etsy listings directly, allowing customers to find their wares through both places.

Social Media Adverts and Presence

We created multiple social media accounts for Alchemias, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. As their business is mainly seasonal, campaigns are focused on specific holidays.

June 16, 2019

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